“And she steal love’s sweet bait from fearful hooks.”

This metaphor written by William Shakespeare in the play Romeo and Juliet said by the Chorus at the end Act 1  scene 5.This Sonnet complicates how Romeo and Juliet fell in love. This quote is a extremely good example of a metaphor because the quote is explaining Juliet’s affection and love for Romeo by using an object. When it says sweet bait from fearful hooks it is stating that there is bait on the hook and they are trying to catch a fish. In this case Juliet is the fish and the bait is Romeo more specifically his looks.And she steal love’s sweet bait. This is stating that Juliet takes the bait, Romeo. When it says steals this is stating Juliet that steals the bait. When you steal something, you are taking a risk because you could be caught. The situation on Juliet loving Romeo is also a risk because Romeo, who is a Montague is an arch enemy to Juliet’s family the Capulets. This would almost certainly lead to an argument between the families if they got caught.In this case the hook is the Montagues, and if they got hooked it would cause a lot of conflict around the familys.



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