Act 1 Scene 2

Characters: Romeo Capulet Paris Benvolio And Capulets servant

Starts of with head Capulet talking to Paris about Paris thinking he would make a worthy husband for Juliet. But Capulet denies this request saying shes to young Paris then argues his point but fails.

Capulet then organizes a party and makes a guest list and giver it to the servant but he cant read so he goes to the streets to look for someone who can. He then runs into Romeo and Benvolio and asks Romeo if he can read. he reads it for him. The servant then invites them to the party as long as they are not Montagues

Then servant leaves and Benvoilio talks about how Juliet is not as good as rosaline “Compare her face with with some that I shall show And i will make thee think thy swan a crow”. Romeo then agrees but only because Rosaline will be there


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