Act 1 Scene 4

Characters: Macbeth,Banquo,Duncan,Malcolm

Scene set: Forres, A room in the Kings palace

Information: Scene is taken place in the king’s palace where Malcolm explains that the previous Thane of Cawdor has been executed for his treason and that everything in his life has died like him. The crown for the prince of Cumberland is also about to be given out Macbeth enters and explains to the king that he doesn’t need to be paid as his service to him is worth more than anything.”Safe toward your love and honour”. This line is ironic as Macbeth is having dark thoughts about killing him. The crown is then give out to Duncan’s son ,Malcolm which is much surprise to Macbeth. The fact that Duncan chose Malcolm over him could fuel reason and anger for Macbeth to get rid of Duncan. Macbeth pretends to be happy for Malcolm but in reality is disappointed as it could be a roadblock to his path to king.

“That is a step on which i must fall,or else o’erleap for my way it lies. Stars,hide your fires! let not light see my black deep desires” This shows that Macbeth does indeed have a dark form and he does have want to be king. This then contradicts what he said a scene back”If chance will have me king,why,chance may crown me without my stir” This then may show that he chosen not to surrender himself to a higher power but make his own course. Whether he has control or not is not necessary true as the witches could be manipulating him and if what the witches say is true that he will become king and Banquo’s children will become king after, then Macbeth indeed does not have control over his life but is in the path of fate. This could also mean that the Witches are messages of this higher power to manipulate him.

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