Act 1 Scene 5

Charters: First serving man, 2nd serving man, 3rd serving man, 4th serving man, Capulet, cousin Capulet,Tybalt,Romeo, Juliet,Benvolio,Nurse

Scene: Sunday night at the Capulet’s house/mansion at the party.

The scene is first introduced by the serving men getting ready for the party. Then Head Capulet enters and welcomes everybody to the party. He then chats to cousin Capulet about how long its been since the old times when they too could dance. Capulet then says its been 25 years. but cousin says that’s its been more like 30. Romeo then spies juliet from across the room and then changes is mind about Rosaline and decides this women is much better looking. and compares all the rest of the women in the room as crows. “As a rich Jewel in Ethiopia’s ear beauty too rich for use for earth to dear so shows a snowy dove trooping with crows”. Tybalt then recognizes Romeos voice and attempts to go and slaughter him But is stopped by Head Capulet. They then argue on what to do but Capulet concludes that Romeo has a good reputation and he doesn’t what anybody to disturb the party. But ultimately he would be killed if they start a fight with the Montague.

Romeo then goes to juliet and asks her to kiss him. She says she would be much happy to shake his hand and saints don’t do. “For saints have hands that pilgrims hands do not touch,And palm to palm is holy palmers kiss. Romeo then teases juliet and kisses her anyway. Juliet then said her lips have just taken a sin. Romeo then says maybe i should take it back and kisses her again. they are then interrupted by the nurse who takes juliet away and Romeo then realises that she is Capulet. and juliet now knows Romeo is Montague.

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