Act 3 Scene 1

Charters Romeo, Mercutio,Benvolio,Tybalt,Capulet,Montague,Lady Capulet,montague,Officer,Prince

Scene set: Monday afternoon. Street in Verona

Mercutio and Tybalt talk about the letter sent from Tybalt. Benvolio then talks about his emotion feelings and whispers about how the weather is hot but a storm is brewing. this relates to how the rest of the scene will happen. Tybalt then enters and tensions rise. Mercutio’s then jokes about Tybalt and Tybalt asks where is Romeo. Romeo then enters and Tybalt asks him to fight but Romeo refuses. “I disagree. I’ve never done you harm. I love you more than you can understand until you know the reason why I love you. And so, good Capulet—which is a name I love like my own name—you should be satisfied with what I say.” Tybalt continues to insult Romeo and Mercutio then starts to fight Tybalt. Romeo then urges them to stop and steps in between them. Tybalt then stabs Mercutio who dies off stage. Mercutio then places a curse on both houses. “I’ve been hurt. May a plague curse both your families. I’m finished. Did he get away clean?”. Romeo then fights Tybalt and Tybalt falls and Romeo then fleas. Prince then enters and banishes Romeo

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