Act 3 Scene 2

Charters Juliet and Nurse

Scene Set: Capulets mansion

Juliet is present and i exited for Romeo to come and formalize their mairage. Shes struggling to pass the time and refers that when night comes Romeo will as well “Come night ,come,Romeo,come,thou day in night,for thou wilt lie upon the wings of night”. Nurse enters and seems to be in shock about Tybalt’s death but Juliet does not know this and mistakes it as it might be Romeo dead. Then Juliet finds out Romeo killed Tybalt and starts to hate him and refers him that he has a heart of a serpent and “Dove feathered raven,wolvish-ravening lamb!Despised substance of divinest show”. Then the nurse say something which offends Romeo and Juliet then sticks up for Romeo.


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