Act 3 Scene 5

Charters: Romeo,Juliet,Capulet,Lady Capulet and Nurse

Scene set: Capulet Mansion

Romeo enters the scene and says to Juliet that he can’t stay long because he will be killed if he does.But Juliet insist that he stays. Nurse then enters and warns them that lady Capulet is coming.They farwell each other and Romeo exits the scene. Lady Capulet can see Juliet is sad and revels the news that she will be marrying Paris but juliet refuses and lady Capulet doesn’t want any more to do with it and lets Capulet deal with it Capulet then enters and is enraged and threatens that he will banish him from the Capulet house hold and keeps mocking her. Nurse then interumps and Capulet then mocks her. Juliet then asks lady Capulet to help her otherwise she would kill herself. Lady Capulet doesn’t care want she has to say and leaves. Juliet then asks the nurse and she responds that she should go through of Capulets says. Juliet feeling helpless says this “I’ll to the friar to know his remedy.If all else fail, myself have power to die.”

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