Act 4 Scene 1

Charters: Paris,Juliet and Frair Lawrence.

Scene set:Tuesday morning at  Frair Lawrence’s cell

Frair Lawrence and paris discuss the marriage between Paris and Juliet.Frair Lawrence is unhappy about this because paris doesn’t know what Juliet thinks about all of this. And he now rethinks about why he married Romeo and Juliet together. Juliet and Paris bicker about there marrigae.Paris says”Happily met my lady and my wife” Juliet then replys”That may be sir,when i may be a wife” .paris thinks Juliet is upset because of Tybalt’s death when really it’s not that but of Romeos banishment. Paris leaves and states that she would much rather die than marry Paris.Frair Lawrence says he has a plan that involves Juliet drinking a potion the night before the wedding and it will make it look like she is dead. then she will wake up in the Capulets Vault where she will be greeted by Romeo and himself.Frair Lawrence will brief Romeo of the plot. Juliet is more than ready to get started to get started.

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