Act 4 Scene 2 And Act 4 Scene 3

Charters: Capulet,Servingman,Nurse,Juliet and Lady Capulet

Scene Set: Tuesday afternoon:Capulet’s house.

Sumarry:Capulet is organizing a party for Juliet’s wedding and orders his serving man to summon his twenty chiefs. Juliet then enter and bowls down to Capulet and apologizes for being disobedient even tho she is playing along.”Where i have learnt me to repent the sin Of disobedient opposition to you and your behests and am enjoin’d by holy Lawrence to fall prostrate here to beg your pardon”. Capulet  forgives her and is exited and puts the wedding a day early Wednesday and goes to give Paris the good news.

Sumary Scene 3: Juliet asks the Nurse to leave and lady Capulet also to let the nurse to help out with the wedding. she is then alone and says good-bye to her family but then starts thinking of scenarios like what if she wakes up early or if it kills her and how the bones of her for fathers. She then thinks she will go mad if she wakes up in the vault. Or maybe Tybalt’s ghost will kill Romeo.”O methinks i see my cousins ghost seeking out Romeo that did spit his body! Upon a rapiers point. Stay Tybalt Stay”.


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  1. As always, you work shows insight and detail.

    I’d encourage you now to use the spelling checker on your blog to deal with some of the transient spelling problems. The good thing is that it highlights the words and makes suggestions which will help you learn where you’re making frequent errors.



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