Act 4 Scene 3

Characters: Macduff, Malcolm,Doctor and Rosse

Scene set. England at Kings palace

Macduff and Malcolm enter. At first Malcolm is suspicious that Macduff could be working for Macbeth as he left his family behind. So to test Macduff’s loyalty he makes himself look bad by saying he is greedy and dishonorable. But Macduff loyalty to scotland then leads him to admit that Malcolm is not fit to rule or even live. This then proves to Macduff that he is loyal and can be trusted. A doctor then enters and tells Malcolm that people are in need of a healing touch. Malcolm explains that King Edward can heal people with just a touch because he is loyal with god so he gets these powers. This makes him as if he belongs to his position. Rosse then enters and tells both Malcolm and Macduff that Scotland is still frightened and every minute something terrible happens. Rosse then tells Macduff that Macbeth army has attacked Macduff’s castle and killed everyone inside including his wife and children. Macduff griefs but Malcolm urges Macduff to put this sorrow into anger angastant Macbeth.

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