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Its been a whole 287 years 3 months 4 days and 32 minutes ,since all human life just suddenly vanished off the face of Planet Earth, never to be seen again. Since that time the cities have crumbled to the ground leaving behind the trail of what human civilization used to be like. Today there are cars with no drivers,Planes without pilots, Boats missing there once beloved captains.Yet the devastation came from reactors exploding turning the green luscious landscapes into dull grey wastelands making smells of old soot. Skyscrapers collapsing like houses of cards after you put one card, too many.And satellites falling back to the body they once came from. All the things man did,build and create, all vanished within a year.But that is the past and will remain lost in the papers of history, just something to remember.

But with all of this devastation came something new. A new peace and calmness, which has been lifted upon the land. By the hand of a force that can’t be seen nor heard but felt. It presence has the same sensation as a warm breeze against  your skin in the height of summer. Yet this new place is where the birds can sing in the clean cool air. Where fish can swim within water clearer than any glass. Where lions can prowl without the fear of being under the constant observation of human observes. This new world is balanced because it has been finally released from the iron clamps of the human race .Yet the stain of man is still there.Because the stain of man can not be simply removed like dirt on your hands. Instead it will linger similar as a memory of your first steps,or your best birthday present,or the time the tooth fairy came.These are the things that excite your senses to a new reality and things you’ll never forget. But as sad as it may seem it always comes to an end. Both for good and bad. You see the fact is that humans have been here so all the brilliant and terrible things that have been done. can be removed in one way but not in other But there is one place in particular that has been untouched by humans for all of history, A place that thrives because its been free from the iron clamps of the human race.

The place is something that can only be imagined by you.The place looks like an artists life’s work,finest investment.The amount of time to put this place into it drawing or a plan would take more time than the universes entire existence. The amount of trees and wildlife exceeds anything you thought possible. It has stone pillars around you that rise into the sky while being strangled by the green Vines that lead to them selves to top, as if they are admiring the view.The flowers on the perfect green grass, produces the smell that tinges your nose that gives you the sensation knowing you are really there,because the its odour is so soft yet so strong. You can hear the stresses sound of water gently making contact with the rocks below you. Above these rocks is the most beautiful water fall you have ever seen. The water glitters like diamonds as the light bounces of it. But with the dull grey rock, that have magnificent cracks that streak along the rocks, it truly brings out the beauty off the place. And although the rock pillars may be double in height, to the waterfall it  deserves twice as much respect.The sky, which as one yellow ball emitting its heat and light millions measurements away, has been scattered with white clouds that resemble a sugar treat humans once use to eat. So all that is left to do is take a step back and admire what you are truly seeing and feeling. Feeling? isn’t that the sensation that humans used to feel. Unfortunately me and you are not supposed to be there and we will have to leave soon. So take in your last glances,last breaths.Because the reality is the more you want to be there.The more time will try to tear you away from it. Because time is a thief, just like me.

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  1. There are some Fronted Prepositions like ‘Above these rocks’, and adverbials like ‘truly seeing’. There is consistent use of noun phrases and adjectives in your story, but I don’t think I saw any relative clauses.

    An advice that might help is that you should use the Spelling Checker in the blogs. Although a reader might understand what what it is, it can still damage your writing. Another one would be the use of capital letters in sentences. Unless it is a proper noun or the word is the first word in the sentence, you should use small letters. Also, I like the metaphor, ‘Because time is a thief, just like me.’

    The use of words is good, however I did not quite understand the story. Maybe develop your plot or something?


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