Gattaca study (1:19:15+)

Shot 1: Long shot high angle car with (Non Diegetic music)(Diegetic car)

Shot 2: Mid shot  Low angle Vincent hiding(Non Diegetic music)

Shot 3: Close shot eye level real jerome doing science(Non Diegetic music)(Diegetic phone call)(Diolouge)

Shot 4: Mid shot low angle vincent hiding and calling(Diologue)

Shot 5:Close up eye ;evel Jerome calling(Dialogue)

Shot 6: Mid shot  low angle Vincent calling (dalogue)

Shot 7:Close up eye level Jerome calling (Dialogue)

Shot 8: Mid shot Low angle Vincent finish calling (Non Diegetic music) (Dialogue)(Diagetic)

Shot 9:Long shot Low angleJerome coming to helix stairs (Non Diegetic music)

Shot 10: mid shot High angle on jerome looking up at helix(Non Diegetic music)

Shot 11: Mid shot Level angleJerome prepareing to climb stairs(Non Diegetic music)

Shot 2 Long shot Low angle car moving(Non Diegetic music)

Shot 13:Long on High anglejerome climbing satirs (Non Diegetic music)

SHot 14: Long shot Birds eye viewJerome climbing stairs (Non Diegetic music)

Shot 15: 2 shot Level angleanton and irean driving (Non Diegetic music)

SHot 16: CLose up Low anglejerome’s hand (Non Diegetic music)

Shot 17 Close up Level angle Jeromes feet (Non Diegetic music)

Shot 18: Long shot Level angle car driving (Non Diegetic music)

Shot 19:Long shot Levle angleon helix stairs (Non Diegetic music)

SHot 20: Zoom long shot Level car (Non Diegetic music)

SHot 21 CLose up Low anglejeromes hand (Non Diegetic music)

SHot 22:Pov Close up Level of stairs (Non Diegetic music)

SHot 23: Long shot level angle car(Non Diegetic music)

Shot 24: Long shot  jerome clibing stairs (Non Diegetic music)

Shot 25: Long shot car park (Non Diegetic music)

SHot 26: Long shot jerome stairs (Non Diegetic music)

Shot 27: CLose up eyes (Non Diegetic music)

Shot 28: 2 Shot door bell(Non Diegetic music)

Shot 29: Mid shot top of stairs(Non Diegetic music)

Shot 30: 2 Shot “looks like hes not home”(Non Diegetic music)(Dialogue)

Close up: Answer bell hand(Non Diegetic music)(Dialogue)

SHot 32: 2 SHot(Dialogue)

Shot 33: Hand on bell(Dialogue)

Shot 34: Mid shot Jerome falling

Shot 35: 2 shot “i guess he is home”(Dialogue)

SHot 36: Mid shot jerome crawling(Dialogue)

Shot 37: Long shot hall way(Dialogue)

Shot 38: mid shot irene’s reaction(Dialogue)

Shot 39: Mid shot “we’res my kiss” (Non Diegetic music)(Dialogue)

SHot 40: Close up anton(Non Diegetic music)

Shot 41: Mid shot Irene’s trying to look unurprised”good to see your feeling better”(Non Diegetic music)(Dialogue)

SHot 42: long shot all charecters in scene(Non Diegetic music)(Dialogue)

Shot 43:  2 shot Leaning kiss(Non Diegetic music)(Dialogue)

Shot 44: Close up Anton looking stern (Non Diegetic music)

Shot 45: Mid shot Kiss (Non Diegetic music)(Dialogue)

Shot 46: Long shot anton preparing (Non Diegetic music)(Dialogue)

Shot 47: Close up Irenes “couldn’t we do this another time” (Non Diegetic music)(Dialogue)

Shot 48: Close up Anton “wont take a moment” (Non Diegetic music)

Shot 49 CLose up Jerome “maybe he will tell me what i got” (Non Diegetic music)(Dialogue)

Shot 50: Close up irene(Non Diegetic music)

Shot 51: Mid shot of Antone with needle(Non Diegetic music)(Dialogue)

Shot 52: Close up Needle(Non Diegetic music)

Diegetic sound: Is sound in the scene 

non Diegetic sound: Is sound added after

Dialogue: Words by charecters

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