Metaphor in Romeo and Juliet

How does Shakespeare use metaphor to show Romeos inner thoughts in act one scene 4

       Shakespeare uses many metaphors  to try to give more depth into about how the actors are feeling or what they are thinking to give us a better understanding. In this case in act 1 scene 4 Romeo seems to remember having a dream that at the party it might steer him down a Terrible path with the cost  f his “untimely death”  and that on this night he has a choose to make but he believes that “But he hath the steerage of my course,Direct my sail. The metaphor that shakespeare has used ,presents that Romeo Is a boat by using the language Like Steerage,course,direct and sail. He suggests that He with the capital “H” As god will decide where he will go on his vouage and he fully surrenders him self to God and has faith in his decisions.


By Oliver



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