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Question: How did Markus Zusak employ features of the genre Magical Realism to convey his ideas about human existence in his novel The Book Thief

Purely death based would involve the 2 alike paragraphs based on what I know and implement them
Challenges our preconceptions of death that we as human beings are responsible for our actions
Challenges our preconceptions by using Death to show that Death is misunderstood and that we have the potential to be the monsters that we write in our books and watch on our screens.


Quotes for Magical realism
what happens when a highly detailed, realistic setting is invaded by something too strange to believe
It relies upon realism, but only so that it can stretch what is acceptable as real to its limits

What is death
Living in shade/fear of death
Preconceptions of death
Application of using death in book theif
We are the monsters we put into our books and watch on our screens
Magical Realism

History and purpose magical realism (draft)
It is often written and presented as realism to shine familiar light upon the reader so the text remains in the realm of possibility; However, it is not Realism because it contains an unearthly element. It is the convergence of these two elements that give the text the ability to alter the reader’s view on society. This creates the opportunity for the reader to view the magical element in the realm of reality. The realm of reality with the magical element within leads to the reader to change their views where the element is placed because they now have the view of society with the twist that the author has intended,.

Death doesn’t kill anyone because he is a result. I am not violent. I am not malicious. I am a result”

p2 “Minute after minute, shower after shower… Please believe me when I tell you that I picked up each soul that day as if it was newly born.
Death is powerless in this situation of seeing all these people die as he is a result. He is powerless and has to not watch (like us) but be a part of it. He sympathizes with them.
End with Even Death has a heart

p3 Death then hinting at us that we are the bad one. “You really want to know what I truly look like?… Find yourself a mirror while I continue”. Death begins to pin the responsibility onto us. We are the main cause of death. More aforementioned.
Bulids up a bit of tension of what he is going to look like only to mislead us into telling us its humans.

p4 Deaths overall fear of humans a by I am haunted by humans quote which fully shows that we are the ones who are responsible for all of it
Talk about all of the colour metaphors as one
There is Death… On the surface: Unflappable, Unwavering. Below: Unnerved, untied and undone. Therefore Meaning he is scared of humans. Extensive use of alliteration of un.

There is Death… On the surface: Unflappable, Unwavering. Below: Unnerved, untied and undone. Therefore Meaning he is scared of humans. Extensive use of alliteration of un. As each page is unfolded Death reveals his fears more and more. He unfolds the curtains that hides a monster. 
I am haunted by humans is Deaths final remark to the reader showing humans are the monsters.

Brief statement about death
sum it all up
Don’t be scared of death, it is not the monster
Something to tie it all up

This is because they place the magical element close alongside the overall meaning of the book so that the magical element that is too strange to believe forces us to see aspects of society that we have not seen before

They were not done in the pages of any book. eg Not an almighty being

This is regarding the mass number of Jews being gassed and ‘almighty’ Death who lives in the clouds is sympathizing over their souls.

Death sympathizing with >Thier< souls also creates a compelling effect of empathy from the reader because if Death cares for the souls of something that’s not him, because he’s not human, then shouldn’t we as humans care?

skull replacement replaced for a face. 

He is the only source that isn’t an opinion.

B.T. paragraph

Introduction thing
For the most part, Markus Zuzacks novel The Book Thief has been written in the genre of realism as all of the places and events appear to be very believable to what we know about the world; However, from the very beginning, there is an anomaly or a misprint that gives the novel its Magical realism characteristics. Its narrated in the perspective of death.

The purpose of applying magical realism, in Markus Zusak’s case, is to challenge the reader’s preconceptions of the idea of death. Death as a character grows on us to be an honest character. After all, he has nothing to hide. “I am not violent. I am not malicious. I am a result” Death highlights the point that he is not violent whitch suggests to us, given that most deaths in WWII were from acts of violence, that he(it) is not the reason they are dying. He(it) is not killing them because he is a result of our actions. Therefore this shifts the responsibility off deaths shoulders and onto ours. This sheds new light, new colours onto events such as WWII and the Holocaust and helps push away any ideas that these events were just a tragedy. This is because they were our doing and not some otherworldly being. They were done by us.

Magical realism continues to present ideas in new colours from the character of death. The character of death continues without fail to shed colours on the horrors humans have performed. Death throughout this chapter does what we did not. Minute after minute, shower after shower… Please believe me when I tell you that I picked up each soul that day as if it was newly born. Death here presents the Nazis that what they are doing to the Jews is routine, normal. By using the word minute and shower it indicates with ‘after’ in between them, it indicate its happening on a regular basis. This Meanwhile, Death is horrified he(it) is still trying to take care of every soul he sends away while the Nazis are discarding great quantities with little care. This makes it seem like Death cares more for the Jews and French involved more than us the humans. This gives the powerful effect of making us feel empathy as if someone like Death cares so much then, shouldn’t we?

The Book Thief (didnt work)

Markus Zusak’s novel The Book Thief is narrated in 1939 Nazi Germany in a small town called Molching, whitch is outside Munich. The setting all appears to be very believable. Apart from one element, whitch the book is narrated in Deaths perspective. This alters the reality in order to expose the reader to ideas that may have not of been preconceived, such as shifting the deaths of so many from death but to the people who are responsible.

…..This shifts the responsibility off of deaths shoulders and on those of the characters in Nazi Germany that permitted this to happen. This then leads


I am Haunted by Humans – Death page end
I’ve seen many young men over the years who think they’re running at other young men. They’re not they’re running at me.???? Death page 189
Trust was accumulated quickly due primally to the brute strength of the man’s gentleness – Hanhumberman page 37
I stood a little to the right Death page 9. Metaphor and personification
The dynamic train guard duo page 9. Future
I clearly remember my breath was loud that day. page 9
Liesel. If I die anytime soon, make sure they bury me right. Page 68 Niaeve
Some Facts about Stalingrad. Page 115

The Nazi flag with deaths colours(kinda all topics)
Yes it was white, it felt as the whole globe was dressed in snow page 7
Next is a signature black, to show the poles of my versatility…The darkest moment before dawn. Page 10
The last time I saw her was red, The sky was boiling and stirring page 13
Story structure is White, Black then Red.???
Beneath her shirt, a book was eating her up. Page 132.


I am Haunted by Humans – Death page end
Trust was accumulated quickly due primally to the brute strength of the man’s gentleness – Hanhumberman page 37
I’ve seen many young men over the years who think they’re running at other young men. They’re not they’re running at me.???? Death page 189
Not many men are lucky enough to cheat me twice. page 193 toward Huberman
it didn’t really what that book was about. It was what it meant that was more important. Page 11 Wider meaning of the text
Point five: Somewhere far down, there was an itch in his heart, but he made it a point not to scratch it. He was afraid of what might come leaking out. Page 62.
Trust me, though, the words were on their way, and when they arrived, Liesel would hold them in her hands like the clouds, and she would wring them out like rain.” page 85
She was the book thief without the words. Page 85
I am not violent. I am not malicious. I am a result.
The thought process of Hans Huberman (read) page 194
Waterfalls of words. a Girl reading Water. Page 120
A single word leaned against the girl. Page 122
Do you want to know what I truly look like?. Find your self a mirror while i continue. Page 329 Deaths still hinting that we are the cause
There is Death… On the surface: Unflappable, Unwavering. Below: Unnerved, untied and undone. Page 331 Deaths reaction to our horrors

Setting (with History)

After WWI Germany was stripped and pillaged of many of its resources by Britain and French. This Caused Germany to go into widespread poverty for all of the countries as not many countries would trade with them and if they did they would charge extra. The Nazi Party then got into power Hitler made many policies that would improve the economy for Germany as a whole. Wages increased by an average of 10.7%. This Put much trust In the Nazi party and Hitler. Then with the effective propaganda of that viewed all of the Ayran race was a superior race put even loyalty in many German citizens that had traits of the race as they felt valuable. This gave the Nazi party the ability to slowly manipulate all of Germany into their beliefs
1939 – 1943 October 2nd
Hitler’s rise to power and the Nazification of Germany which led to all major position to be held by Nazi officials
The eradication of Jews
1933-Concentration camps closen to Molching get constructed
1933-Book burnings become public
1938-Jews required to register all their property
1939-War breaks out
1940 April 20th – Hitlers birthday. Same day as Book burning and Kommunist word
1941- Germany invades Russia. Where Hans Hummberman Jr and Sr goes
Nazi Germany
Germany suffered a huge depression after WWI
One of Hitler’s goals was 100% employment for all “pure” German Citizens. This involved sacking Jews and forcing them out of employment.
Rules on opening business were tighter and ended up with 20% of the closing
Farmers were needed more which also meant they were paid more. However, this meant people that were farmers could not leave as the demand for food was high in the army.
Hilter paid people of Ayran race to marry other Ayran and gave them money for each Ayran child they had. Women were encouraged to be more weighty as it was thought it was a healthier way to give birth. Women were encouraged not to work until Germany began losing in 1943
The youth of Germany were indoctrinated into the Nazi ideology. The Aim was to prepare boys for future soldiers if needed. Girls were brought up to be future motherhood.
All teachers had to join the Nazi teacher association. Biology taught Nazi Racial theories with eugenics.
Sterilization was a process that sexually sterilized everyone with disabilities or unfavourable traits as they thought they could be passed down
They were also gassed. This happened to over 100000 people, with most of them happening in secret and long about there deaths
Homosexuals, prostitutes, Jehovah’s Witnesses, gypsies, alcoholics, pacifists, beggars, hooligans and criminals were sent to concentration camps or gassed.
Jews from 1933 onwards were slowly being treated worse and worse. This started off with boycotting businesses and stripping of German citizenships, taking away political rights.
Jewish kids were not allowed to go to school
Germany had very strict laws that made it so absolute loyalty would be to Hitler. Some of the control measures were the SD (SS policemen) and the Gestapo (Undercover citizens). Penalties for the not absolute alliance were fines, imprisonment, or people going “missing”.

1938 was the turning point which led many Jews to flee as now they were being Physically Abused.

The Nazis also had complete control over the legal system in Germany as all judges have to swear allegiance to Hitler and do whatever is best for the Nazi state and all lawyers had to join the Nazi lawyers association. Also, many criminals in Germany were not released by what would have been their release date and instead moved to concentration camps.

Newspapers were controlled by the Nazi party meaning all stories had to be nutrall or favoruble to the Nazi party. They even sold Radios cheaply as they also had contol over the radio stations. The Nazi party also had control over the music, art, books, movies cultivating their people to thier beifs.

In Markus Zusak’s novel, the Book Thief, Molching is the place the book in centred in. However, a quick google search reveals that “Molching” is the fragment of Markus’s imagination.
It is set Germany a few hundred miles south-east of Stuttgart (whitch does exist and is on the outskirts of Munich whitch also exists. Oddly enough there is a place known small town known as Olching on the outskirts on Munich (where Molching is could be).
Markus Zusak makes Molching seem like a real place by simply making it believable by giving it many realism factors. He made it seem like a typical small town in Germany at the time.
placing it around other large places that are real, Not giving it any extremely features that would make us think it couldn’t exist.
He also makes the History and events within the book to be the same as it was back in Nazi Germany.
The purpose of this is to make the reader question Markus’s work as if there is one thing in the book that is a lie could there be more. It also makes the reader pay closer attention to what is said throughout the book whitch gives events such as Stalingrad and the Holocaust more impact. Was this Germany? Was this Nazi Germnay?.
Some Facts about Stalingrad. Page 115


100% pure German sweat

The Gamblers (Boxer)

Quotes for setting
The last time I saw her was red. The sky was like soup, boiling and stirring Metaphrocial page 13
Quite a way beyond the outskirts of Munich was a town called Molching. page 26. Relation to MZ tricks.
1st of April
April 2nd

Surreal Art

Between surreal and fantasy style, digital art by Cyril Rolando

Surreal art blends the impossibilities of the human imagination with realism, usually conveying concepts that are contradicting. This piece of art created by Cyril Rolando contains elements of these. In the painting, we can see a girl of impossible size focused on something on the horizon being followed or chased by many ships. She also has a dress that seems to be part of the ocean.

It has become a very popular saying that the more time and effort you put into something the more you will get out of it. However, the things you get out of it may not be in the way you were anticipating, especially if its people you are chasing. An illustration of this is in Cyril Rolando painting (as seen above) which is a piece of surreal art and the ships chasing the girl with the water dress. As it is clearly seen the ships are sailing vigorously towards the girl despite the rough seas (which she seems to be causing). The Girl has no interest in the ships and she instead does not know that they are chasing her, she instead is going about her life. The girl seems so big to the ships and the ships are trying so hard to be/keep up with her, going through the waves she unintentionally throws at them, but no one is with her. The girl here symbolises the person that the ships are chasing after and the ships symbolise the people who are chasing after someone. This use of symbolism is illustrating the fact that the more u try to chase after someone the less successful you will be at getting their approval because u really can’t force anyone to like you or approve of you, instead sail your boat to your own part if your ocean and be wary that many will walk right by, but its the few that stop for you and cradle your ship that are worth the effort.

Death Quotes/Summaries/Ideas

I am haunted by Humans (thread). Deaths conflicting attitude to Humans due to human actions
I am haunted by Humans
To prove to me that that you,, and your Human Existence, are worth it
I steped on him on my way out – page 564
I am Constantly overestimating and underestimating the human race
It kills me how some people die
They were french,they were jews they were you

Yes the boss was at my shuder – page 358
With an immense struggle against my weight i withdrew.
Ive seen many young men over the years who think they are running at other young men. They are not . They are running at me.
Death has a rather close roll with humans. He sees every single persons death. For every person he sees diffrent colours. Death can be one of the most horrifying things to see depending on what era your from. WWII was probaly some of the to see. It drove many people crazy like Michael who killed his slef wanting to live (Killed himself to unsee what he had seen in Russia). Death can not escape its job. And when it thinks it cant see any worse humans surprise him by showing more ways to kill people (jews).

Death Extract (Unfinished)

When it came down to it, one of them called the shots. The other did what he was told. The question is, what if the other is a lot more than one?”

Very Messy

The Holocaust is arguably one of the most atroshist acts in human history because it targeted everyone who was involved or help people with the label of a Jew. The death toll was around 5.8 million jews and over 1 million of those were children. So the question arises why did very few people within Germany tried to stop it. Markus Zusaks novel The Book Thief can help us be a little more insight to the fact. When it came down to it, one of them called the shots. The other did what he was told. The question is, what if the other is a lot more than one?”. Presented by Death ,who is the narrater of the book, is directed towards two train guards in which are on Lesiels train. The comment at first seems self explanatory, one has a higher rank than the other so one hands out the orders , the other takes them. But it is the last part of the passage that raises the question. Within Nazi territory people were told Jews were a plague to society and many people people did follow this ideology, but there were also many that didn’t believe it and thought it was cruel. Markus used charetcters like Hans Hubbmermann and Walter to show this. The Nazis however operated to scare everyone out of submission to ensure no one would help the jews