Practise paragraph

In the film “Gattaca” there are many factors and ideas presented that us humans are more than just our genes. One example of this is in the scene where Jerome is climbing the helix stairs. In this scene jerome is struggling to climb the helix stairs (as he cant walk) and in this scene there is a lot at stake and a significant amount of tension as if he cant climb the stairs to meet anton Vincent’s true identity could be revealed.  The stair shaped as a helix provides much significance as the underlying message of the film is that we are more than our genes, and our genes are individual parts of our DNA, and DNA is in the shape of helix. And Jerome here climbing the stairs is suggesting the idea that we can over come our genes.  But the thing that can cause confusion here is that its jerome is climbing the stairs not Vincent which doesn’t make sense as Jerome is genetically “perfect” so why is he climbing the stairs. But the thing that has happened to Jerome is that he almost disperses being genetically “perfect” as there wasn’t enough challenge. We know this because he did try to kill himself. The only reason that Jerome is wanting to be alive now is that he wants Vincent to achieve his dream. This can be supported when jerome says “I got the better end of the deal, i only gave you my body, you gave me your dreams.” . So this Jerome here is embodying in Vincents dreams and although for many it may not seem Jerome stands to gain much, Jerome in reality is more than satisfied to help someone else to achieve there dreams as its something he wants to live for. Just like Jerome should not be capable to climb the stair and Vincent shouldn’t be able to become a astronaut , yet they both overcome things that shouldn’t be possible by them, and together they make someone’s dreams a reality.

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