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Question: How does Shelly convey the idea of Ozymandias hubris ij the poem

In the poem Ozymandias it is shown that this once king like figure shows extensive hubris using imagery. In the poem a explorer finds a “shattered” statue of Ozymandias which carved on the statue says from Ozymandias perspective which betrays himself as the “king of kings” and betrays him self as a extremely powerful figure. However shelly uses this extensive imagery to show us that he no longer has this power as he once thought. The traveler who is exploring the desert says “a shattered visage lies” where the head of this statue is now broken, weathered and no longer part of what it used to be. The carving also says “Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair” meaning that his works are impressive and you should fear what hes capable of. But the traveler also presents to us that nothing remains of his works except the statue head Legs and its sitting in the desert. He then presents to us.”The lone and level sands stretch far away” showing us that Ozymandias head lays alone in a vast desert as far you can see.

This underlying message of the poem shows us that no one human is capable of immortal power as humans are mortal are when they die there power fizzles out

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