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Michael: Oh(verbal filler) no. House day has been cancelled so…..(repeated punctuation indicat a long pause and uncertainty)   i’m not sure if we’re meant to finisj the homework by tomorrow

Oliver:We were i think (uncertain Conformation)

Michael:Idk(Initialisms ) assume so

Oliver:She said more on the classroom that it means we get more tomorrow

Oliver:Or at least i think (Uncertainty)

Oliver: Cant be sure after the whole credit last year counting (laugh)(emoticon to show Emotion)

Michael:hahah(speech like interjections to show emotion) (laugh) i hope i don’t have to finish them today


Michael:How did u find the homework??? (punctuation added for emphasis on statement)


Oliver: It was supposed to be on the classroom? (punctuation)

Oliver: but it goes into everything with her class last year like past exams and notes ect

Michael:Yeah(verbal filler) you have to scroll down quite into 2017. Its called gamma mathematics.But yeah that was last year so i dunno.(Unusual spelling and merged spelling)

Oliver:ohhhhh(Reapeated letters for emphisis)

Oliver:L (Initiaism)





http://mavismcgraw.mtaspiring.edutronic.net/text-convo/ 19th of febuary


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