Oscar:(starts off laying on chest)

Kahu:(starts off in a comfort sit)

Oliver: Starts Off in a comfort Sit

Oscar: What about Chelsea?

Kahu: (makes eye contact)But they’re trash (Colloquialism – Metaphor)(breaks eye contact)

Oscar: Why u support arsenal if you say Chelsea’s trash (interrortigive)(INTONATION)(looks away)

Kahu: ah(verbal filler and filler) because they are a decent football team (idiolect)(lays down)

Oscar: nah (verbal filler)

Kahu: yeah they are.

Oscar: No. I disagree (Command)(retains eyecontact and lays down)

Kahu: Why?

Oscar: Because they never win anything (breaks eye contact)

Kahu: yeah they do.

Oscar: And they have no good players because they are good players never want to be there (arguementitve)(idk what to call it)

Kahu: They have got good players just that his contract left

Oscar: Then they sign new good players in a couple of years they’ll be “ow naw i dont like this team”(quote and accent). and then they’ll have to leave

Kahu: i thought Oizil was leaving at one  time (sits up and retains eye contact)

Oliver they are both terrible, Man City’s ways better. COme on guys (sarcasm)

Kahu man city’s sucks (Prosodic)

Oliver man city’s great (sarcasm)

Oscar No, now there’s something everyone can agree on.That’s like saying the paitraits are good

Kahu: Yeah. Its sucks but no one likes to admit it

Kahu: Its Cos(contraction) its like trash

Oscar :it’s still trash (eye contact)

Kahu: it’s like bandwagon trash(metaphor),unless you’ve been supporting them since your like little

Oscar: its still trash just Man City’s

Kahu: it’s like saying ow um,that’s like saying why don’t our team lose, “cause i support Barcelona”(quote)


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