P1 (hoodie)

P2 (blue shirt)

P3 (grey sweater)

Phone rings

P1 Yeah?

P2: Fanks for answering geezer!,know what i mean.

P3: Gimme dat!. were you been fool,making us rince out our credit leaving you messages and dat.

P2:Mr doors is well on the warpath with you bruv yeah

P1: cos of the bag in that

P2: what bag?! cause you missed the list you chief

P:3 gimme dat. the bag weren’t the problem. Teggzy never mentioned it, he bottled it!

P2: you comin over to mine later to play computa

P1:nah man im at home now,  got business i gotta run

P2 What business!

P1: Business that mines it own(sound made) im out.


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