Unfamiliar text

  1. Anotaed the shit of it.
  2. Giving a basic meaning of the meaning of the poem
  3. Explain and answer a part of a question (like a essay paragraph)’
  4. Explain and answer the same or different point but link both points together
  5. Same as 3
  6. Give the text the wider meaning / opion

Hyperbole = Exaderation

Metaphor = Explaining somthing whitch its not littary

Personification = Giving something human qualitysIambic pentamiter = Speaking in a rythm

Allitaration = 2 words that start with the same sound straight or near after

Paradox = Something absurdily contradicting but when investagetd turns to be true.

Emotive Language: Givestext emotional stimilias

Rhyme: Have same sounding sounds in each sentences.

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