NCEA Verbal Speech 1.6

Diamonds, are things we consider specail in our modern day culture becuase they hold some value but they are also very simple and very bland. Us people are much more complex and much more beautfull. But becuase of our complexity it means the amount of flaws we can have increases. This often leads people obesssing over there flaws and not looking at theyre good at making them feel unspecail.  But i want to burn that thought i want you to throw it far far away, i dont care how you get rid of it but i want it gone. Becuase you are specail and it doesnt matter who you are, wether your a flat earther or whether your short or even if scroll through the NZQA website in your spare time.

We can all be related to a rubix cube. The different sides , representing our thoughts, passions , what we love, what  we don’t love,. All of these things make us unique and special in our own ways and give us our unique cube.But in the world we live in there is a frame of what we should be able to do, what we need to be to fit in , what our perfect cube should look like. For many this conflicts with the one they have now. So we strife to get this perfect cube, we put energy,time and effort into it but there will be times where it will feel like life is messing you up,Maybe you lost your phone, maybe you and our best friend had a argument, or perhaps he or she didn’t like you after all. Or What about after all the hours of effort you didn’t get the grade you wanted or after all the months training you didn’t get into the team or  you feel as if you don’t fit with the worlds frame because you can’t do something that everyone else says is “simple”. Does any of this sound familiar? Can you remember what it felt like, any pain,any anger ,a sinking feeling stomach. Or you may feel insignificant,less than normal afterwards. Maybe you locked the old cube away and presented a fake cube to make it look like you fit the frame. But no matter how much you try, many people see through this fake cube. And if they don’t, you wont be truly satisfied with it anyway.  Because when society look at us they often look at the obvious,the straight forward and or the district things about us that make us different good or bad. For example a small boy who couldn’t speak untill he was four and his teacher littarry said he was stupid not just to him but his whole class. Our soceity pays little attention in the strengths we have but magnify what our flaws are and society does not account other factors or why that might be, because unless you auccatlly know them you don’t know there side of the story. And you don’t know what they will actually become. That boy who couldn’t speak untill he was 4 managed to come up with the most some of the most fundamental laws of physics, Albert Ensiten.Soceity puts such little faith in these people unless they auuctally become someone regonizeable,and when they do the poeple that put them down say all the excuses in the book for the things that they’ve said and ask for there forgiveness. That is all well and all if they do get reconized but for the ones that dont get reconized later in life its not well and all. Because when all of soceity puts there opinon on them it will demoralizes there spirt,  it can crush there dreams and in some cases littary makes them second guess there place in the world and whether they should even be here. That is a incredablly dangerous thought As quoted from Einstein “If you judge a fishes ability to climb a tree it live the rest of its life believing its stupid“.Us as a soceity need to regonize and understand that nobody is perfect and some may feel as if they dont fit the worlds fram aswell as others. You don’t need to fit into the worlds frame, you don’t need a fake cube.Instead follow what you love, do things that make you truly happy. Imagen what and who you want to be in 10 years time and work towards it. If you do that you have created your own frame and your own cube. Make a frame your proud of and put it on your wall.  Thats what makes you special.

Many people say that because there are so many other people in the world that not everyone can be special. Not all 7 billion of us are special ony the gifted and talented? But do they know what the odds for someone to exist. Do they know how rare we all are? I’ll attempt to answer this impossible question. Lets begin with your parents meeting. If your mother could met one new male every day within her dating years, She would have met around 10 thousand handsome bachelors. This means your mother had about 1 in 20 thousand chance of meeting your father. But remember this is them just meeting, in most cases they would need to spend time together, decide that they fancy one in other and build a relationship. Then they have found a room to do some very serious “business”. If by some miracle this happens to be with your dad then we now get to account all the possible sperm and egg combinations on one of Whitch can be you. Your farther produces billions of sperm cells and mother produces hundreds of thousands of eggs only some of those get released. So the number of possible combinations between egg and sperm is rather big only one can be you. But remember all of this doesn’t just account for your parents, but your parents parents and there parents before and continued for thousands of generations. If your mum had of lived somewhere else, .. , ,If that sperm that had of been you didn’t win the race I, or if something like if the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs never hit if ,you may well not be here. If any one thing had been different since the universes creation 13.7 billion years ago there’s a good chance might not be here. But here you all are alive and thriving with so much to live for. There is a near infinte amount of other people that could be here but are not. So 7 billion people is a tiny slice out of near infite.

For my final point im going to talk about the effect we have on others. The effect we have on others is significant but is often overlooked or underestimated. To proves its power im going to tell a little story about a boy. This boy had a rather average life. He never thought he was anything special, felt as if everyone was greater than him,he had no idea what he was going to do later in life, overall he didn’t think he was fit to walk the roads the world had. Going into school year 10,he couldn’t say he was excited. one of his friends had left and was off to another school and an adventure of his own. Mean while first day of school, there he was sitting in English, which was a subject he deeply dispised because all previous English teachers couldnt accept the fact that he had poor spelling. But when the teacher walked into the room he noticed two things immdentally. One was that he had this new uplifting energy that followed him and secondary that is the most bizarre hair cut for a teacher. It was mohawk. During class the teacher went up to the boy and a that truly inspired the boy. the rest of the day past and he continued to think about what the teacher had said he thought about it to the extent that he was probably obsessed in the idea. Days past and for the first time in his life he began to enjoy English. He began to admire the different features in language and thy could convey ideas. He even got used to the teachers haircut. But it wasn’t just English that got better. He began to start trying in all of his subjects and began getting results, and because of that he began to be more confident in his abilities and that lead to him finding and extending his passions. It was then after this he realized soon began to realize that you didn’t need to be “smart” or “talented” to be successful. Because  “The only person you try to be better than is the one you were yesterday.” that is what the teacher had said.The statement at the time was a little cheesy but then he realized that he actually meant it. Those very few words alone mean very little. But when they were said in the right maaner and were said meaningfully to a boy that needed them it changed his life forever. Now the boy stands here in front of you and he is here to tell you that everyone can do something to change someones life. Everyone in the world is diffrent whitch means everyone will be growing into the world at there own pace. Some people may be further behind than others. Some may be lost, some may be recovering after a tramua or perhapes someone just needs a freind. All you have to do to alter someones life for the better is say some meaningfull words or do some action that benifits them.

If you have to take somthing away from this then this it it. This comes from a once lost boy. Dont ever forget the odds of you exsiting. Anyone else could have taken your place but no one has. The chance of you being here is so small, but here you stand. Other may dislike you but you dont need to satisfy there frame there cube because you have your very own,You are the master of your sea,You are one of the specail few that walk earth, and you have the power to mend so many peoples lifes by giving them a little time.You are so much more specail than any diamond and no matter where you sit you are all speacail.

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