Charters, Romeo Benvolio ,Mercutio ,Nurse peter Scene set: A street in Verona. Mercutio and Benvolio discuss a challenge from Tybalt to kill Romeo and say he is not fit to fight for number one Tybalt out skills him by miles and his head is full of thoughts about love. Romeo then enters and starts to […]

Charters Frair Laurence and Romeo Scene Set:Monday Morning Frair Laurance Garden Laurence is examining his herbs and other plants and how they can be used to make many things like medicine or poisons but do both and thinking how he can make his potion. Romeo enters and Laurence can imedindtley see that he might be […]

Charters Romeo Juliet and Nurse Scene set. Very late sunday night/early monday morning. Romeo enters He speaks to himself about his love for juliet and spots her on the bocany. He then hears her speak and thinks to him self weither he should hear more or go up to her. She is then saying how […]

Charters Romeo,Benvolio and Mercutio Scene set: Late sunday night outside Capulet’s mansion. Romeo hides while his friends joke about his love for Rosline Romeo alone “Can i go forward when my heart is here. Turn back,dull earth,and find thy centre out”. This basically means how can i leave while my heart has is here. Romeo […]

Charters: First serving man, 2nd serving man, 3rd serving man, 4th serving man, Capulet, cousin Capulet,Tybalt,Romeo, Juliet,Benvolio,Nurse Scene: Sunday night at the Capulet’s house/mansion at the party. The scene is first introduced by the serving men getting ready for the party. Then Head Capulet enters and welcomes everybody to the party. He then chats to […]

How does Shakespeare use metaphor to show Romeos inner thoughts in act one scene 4        Shakespeare uses many metaphors  to try to give more depth into about how the actors are feeling or what they are thinking to give us a better understanding. In this case in act 1 scene 4 Romeo […]

fear too early for my mind misgives                                                                                                 […]