In the famous Shakespeare play Macbeth , the lead character Macbeth starts of as a noble and heroic figure. But as the play progresses Macbeth falls into the trap of becoming hungry for more power and his mind falls with it. He becomes like an eagle constantly watching above for prey to extend his monumental power, but […]

Characters: Menteith,Angus,Caithness and Lenox Scene set:Near Macbeth/The hill castle of Dunsinane Meneth enters and says that the English army is near led by Malcolm and Macduff and that they are burning for revenge. They confirm that they will meet at birnam forest and that Macbeth is fortifying his Castle

Characters: Lady Macbeth,Gentle Woman and Doctor Scene set: Dunsinane castle Summary: Doctor enters and says i have not seen lady macbeth sleep walk. The Gentle woman says every night she writes a letter. Lady Macbeth walks in and both keep hidden. Lady Macbeth then begins speaking that no one can confirm that they are guilty […]

Characters: Macduff, Malcolm,Doctor and Rosse Scene set. England at Kings palace Macduff and Malcolm enter. At first Malcolm is suspicious that Macduff could be working for Macbeth as he left his family behind. So to test Macduff’s loyalty he makes himself look bad by saying he is greedy and dishonorable. But Macduff loyalty to scotland […]

Characters: 1 Witch,2 Witch,3 Witch ,Hecate,Macbeth,Lenox,Apparition 1,Apparition 2 and Apparition 3 Scene set: A Dark cave Summary: The 3 Witches are brewing a potion together and dancing while putting some unusual items into the cauldron Hectare calls in some dark spirits to help brew there potion. Macbeth then enters and “orders” the Witches to tell […]

Charecters: Lenox and Lord Scene set: Somewhere in scotland (time has passed) In this scene it is clear that both Lenox and Lord ar both suscpiocuis of Macbeths actions and that Macduff has gone to England to meet up with Malcolm to combine there forces (amrys) agasiatnt Macbeth. There is also a ironic quote that […]

characters:Hecate and Witch 1 Scene set: A heath Hecate is angry at the witches for not letting her on the plans with Macbeth and confirms that she will go and will go and 1 up them by doing so more evil things and will trick him into thinking he knows all and will defy fate. […]

Characters:Macbeth,Lady Macbeth,Rosse,Lenox,Lords,Murderer Scene set: Room in the palace,banquet prepared. Macbeth welcomes and invites his dinner guests to sit down. Murderer enters and tells Macbeth that Banquo has been dealt with but Fleance had escaped. This leads to Macbeth being very worried. Macbeth then gives a toast but sees the tables full. Macbeth then sees the […]

Charecters:Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Servent Scene set:A room in Macbeths palace “But let the frame of things disjoint, both the worlds suffer,Ere we will eat our meal in fear, and sleepIn the affliction of these terrible dreams That shake us nightly. Better be with the dead,Whom we, to gain our peace, have sent to peace,Than on […]

Characters: Macbeth,Banquo,Servent and Murderer Scene set: Macbeth’s Castle. Summary: Banquo enters alone and explains that Macbeth has all the titles the witches had promised him but he suspects that he had done something wrong in order to get into the position of king. Macbeth enters and the talk with banquo. Banquo then exits and Macbeth […]