“Avaunt, and quit my sight! Let the earth hide thee.Thy bones are marrowless, thy blood is cold“ Act 3 scene 4 when Macbeth is hosting the banquet and he sees Banquo’s ghost and freaks out i  front of his guests. Lady Macbeth tries to tame him but it doesn’t work and Macbeth begins to reveal […]

Lots of stuff about space eg Star classifications, Milky way is one galaxy,Theory of big bang 1927 1943: Proves Dna makes chromosomes 1969: Man lands on the moon 1957: Sputnik is launched. First object humans got into orbit around earth 1930: Pluto is discovered Structure of DNA confirmed and proved in 1953 1923: Man treats […]

In the film “Gattaca” there are many factors and ideas presented that us humans are more than just our genes. One example of this is in the scene where Jerome is climbing the helix stairs. In this scene jerome is struggling to climb the helix stairs (as he cant walk) and in this scene there […]

Shot 1: Long shot high angle car with (Non Diegetic music)(Diegetic car) Shot 2: Mid shot  Low angle Vincent hiding(Non Diegetic music) Shot 3: Close shot eye level real jerome doing science(Non Diegetic music)(Diegetic phone call)(Diolouge) Shot 4: Mid shot low angle vincent hiding and calling(Diologue) Shot 5:Close up eye ;evel Jerome calling(Dialogue) Shot 6: […]

Diamonds, are things we consider specail in our modern day culture becuase they hold some value but they are also very simple and very bland. Us people are much more complex and much more beautfull. But becuase of our complexity it means the amount of flaws we can have increases. This often leads people obesssing […]

In the famous Shakespeare play Macbeth , the lead character Macbeth starts of as a noble and heroic figure. But as the play progresses Macbeth falls into the trap of becoming hungry for more power and his mind falls with it. He becomes like an eagle constantly watching above for prey to extend his monumental power, but […]

Characters: Menteith,Angus,Caithness and Lenox Scene set:Near Macbeth/The hill castle of Dunsinane Meneth enters and says that the English army is near led by Malcolm and Macduff and that they are burning for revenge. They confirm that they will meet at birnam forest and that Macbeth is fortifying his Castle

Characters: Lady Macbeth,Gentle Woman and Doctor Scene set: Dunsinane castle Summary: Doctor enters and says i have not seen lady macbeth sleep walk. The Gentle woman says every night she writes a letter. Lady Macbeth walks in and both keep hidden. Lady Macbeth then begins speaking that no one can confirm that they are guilty […]

Characters: Macduff, Malcolm,Doctor and Rosse Scene set. England at Kings palace Macduff and Malcolm enter. At first Malcolm is suspicious that Macduff could be working for Macbeth as he left his family behind. So to test Macduff’s loyalty he makes himself look bad by saying he is greedy and dishonorable. But Macduff loyalty to scotland […]