Act 3 Scene 6

Charecters: Lenox and Lord

Scene set: Somewhere in scotland (time has passed)

In this scene it is clear that both Lenox and Lord ar both suscpiocuis of Macbeths actions and that Macduff has gone to England to meet up with Malcolm to combine there forces (amrys) agasiatnt Macbeth. There is also a ironic quote that Lord says. “Give to our tabels meat,sleep to our nights” and Macbeth in act 3 scene 2″Ere we will eat our meal in fear, and sleepIn the affliction of these terrible dreams That shake us nightly” This is Macbeth addmiting that he eats his meals in fear and has sleepless nights,ever since he killed king Duncan. Lord is also saying that Macduff has gone to England to combine forces with Malcolm and king of England so they can restore food to the tabels and sleep.

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